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What to Expect When You Bring Your Pet for Intradermal Skin Testing

Have you been referred to our AVES dermatology department for skin allergies? Here are some of the things that you can expect during your consultation! Intake When your pet comes for their initial consultation, you will first meet one of our technicians from our dermatology department. The technician will record your pet’s medical history and gather any other pertinent information for the doctor. Questions that you may be asked are: How long has your pet suffered from allergies? What medications is your pet currently taking? Has your pet been off of steroids and antihistamines for at least two weeks? (required
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Itch, Itch – Scratch, Scratch: The Truth Behind Your Pet’s Allergies

Most pet owners experience it at one point or another. You hear a distinct “cling, clang, cling” coming in the direction of your dog as he or she scratches their ear and rattles their dog tags incessantly. We all know that unmistakable sound of your pet chewing their paws or licking their rear end. Hot spots, ear infections, itchy, scratchy, lumps, bumps, scabs, and more… What do most of them have in common? Allergies. What Exactly is an Allergy? Much like humans, our pets exhibit allergic symptoms when their body overreacts to a substance that it sees as harmful. When your
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