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Six Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Trick or treat? Costumes, pumpkins, and candy galore! It’s a favorite holiday for many and one that carries a lot of fun activities! And while most of the family will partake in various Halloween activities, let us not forget our four-legged family members and some of the threats posed to their health during this time of year. Here are six ways to keep your pets safe this Halloween. 1) Keep the Candy Up and Away: The biggest reason for Halloween-related veterinary visits are usually from our dogs getting into the candy stash. And while most of us know that chocolate
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Three Canine Training Commands that can be Lifesaving

When you think of the term “a trained dog,” the first idea that may come to your mind is a dog that can perform a sit/stay, roll over, or fetch. Teaching your dog to do tricks is fun, and having an obedient dog is rewarding for the owner, but what about the benefits to the dog? We know how training our dog can provide both fun and convenience to the pet owner, but what about the safety benefits? Can having a trained dog play a role in keeping your dog out of harm’s way? Sophie Thomas is a professional dog
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Hot Dogs and Ice Pups : What You Need to Know About Heat Stroke This Summer

By: Chloe Charlton, DVM Sweet summertime is upon us here in Arkansas, and we couldn’t be happier to spend more time outside with our furry friends –  on the lake, hiking around Petit Jean, or just playing in the backyard! But sometimes, too much time outside can be fatal for Fido and result in a condition known as heat stroke. Heat stroke is a big deal. We have already seen many cases of heat stroke here at AVES, and we haven’t even hit triple digits yet! Heat stroke can be a life-threatening condition and requires immediate attention by a veterinarian. 
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