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What Pet Owners Need to Know About the Dangers of Antifreeze

Winter is upon us. Snow, ice, and frigid temperatures mean that our car has to work a little harder to start and get warm. Part of making our car “winter ready” involves making sure that there is plenty of antifreeze in the radiator. This means that many pet owners will typically have a bottle of antifreeze handy, or a leaky radiator may leave a small puddle of it in your garage or driveway. According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center database, the most common exposures with antifreeze occur with dogs and usually involve chewing on containers or lapping up
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Ten Veterinary Emergencies That Can’t Wait

While no owner hopes to ever have to visit a veterinary emergency clinic, sometimes it is unavoidable. Our pets are no different than us in that they can experience an illness, injury, or accident at any time of the day or week. While there are situations where your pet can wait to be seen until their regular veterinarian is available, there are also conditions where waiting can be deadly. If you feel that the seriousness of your pet’s condition cannot wait, trust your gut and get them seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you are unsure, here
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Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs

While our pets should be avoiding candy in general, chocolate, in particular, can carry serious and sometimes deadly side effects if consumed in the right quantities. What’s the Big Deal Anyway? In 2016, chocolate ingestion was among the top 10 calls made to the Animal Poison Control Center.2 While much of the public may have the general understanding that chocolate can be harmful to our pets, very few have the comprehension of what makes it dangerous and what to do in the event that your dog eats it. Dr. Laura Bahorich is an emergency veterinarian at Memphis Veterinary Specialists and
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