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Six Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Trick or treat? Costumes, pumpkins, and candy galore! It’s a favorite holiday for many and one that carries a lot of fun activities! And while most of the family will partake in various Halloween activities, let us not forget our four-legged family members and some of the threats posed to their health during this time of year. Here are six ways to keep your pets safe this Halloween. 1) Keep the Candy Up and Away: The biggest reason for Halloween-related veterinary visits are usually from our dogs getting into the candy stash. And while most of us know that chocolate
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Why Does My Dog _____? Your Questions Answered

Dogs can exhibit a unique set of behaviors and characteristics. Have you ever wondered the meaning behind them? Here is some insight on some of the most common “why does my dog,” questions. Why Does My Dog…   1) …sniff other dog’s rear ends? A nose to rear greeting is a common form of introduction in the canine community. But why? The answer lies inside your dog’s rectum (yes, we know – gross). Behind your dog’s anus are two, fluid-filled sacs known as anal glands. These glands contain a displeasing smelling fluid that is generally excreted when your dog has
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What is a Veterinary Specialist?

Both veterinary specialists and general practice veterinarians are doctors of veterinary medicine that have completed a four-year degree and passed the necessary national and state boards required for them to practice. If a veterinarian wishes to specialize in a specific field however, there are years of continued training beyond graduation from veterinary school. So what is a veterinary specialist, and what do they do exactly? What is a Veterinary Specialist? To become board-certified in a specialty, a veterinarian must complete a minimum of four years of veterinary college, a one-year internship or equivalent, and two to three years in a
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